Agricultural Specialists

  • Consultancy
  • various
Tasks and responsibilities
  • Support the design and implementation of policies, regulatory frameworks and institutional arrangements supportive of inclusive, equitable, effective, and efficient agricultural systems;
  • Promote the regular use of knowledge, information and early warning for evidence-based decision making and monitoring;
  • Support governments in establishment of enabling environments, including the development of conducive and effective policies, strategies and investment plans, programmes, governance and coordination mechanisms in a cross-sectoral, integrated and participatory way (for Consultants only);
  • Enhance country public and private sector capacities and investments to design, implement and evaluate agricultural policies, strategies and programmes, including through international and regional instruments
  • Enable producers and vulnerable groups to become agents of change and innovators and to achieve sustainable increases in agricultural production and productivity;
  • Formulate and build capacities to implement regional and international standards, agreements and voluntary guidelines and legal, policy and institutional systems and frameworks
  • Support agro-industrial and agribusiness development strategies to promote food value chain efficiency and inclusiveness, and to create enabling environments for agricultural sector and rural development;
  • Support the identification, formulation and implementation of programmes in the promotion of sustainable crop production and diversification; sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development; sustainable livestock production, processing and marketing; and sustainable forest management for rural development, based on expressed priorities of governments;
  • Support the identification, formulation and implementation of programmes in the areas of sustainable land and water resources use, based on expressed priorities of governments;
  • Support the development of adapted varieties and the delivery of quality seeds and planting materials to growers
  • Support the analysis and development of pastoral systems in selected countries, with a particular view of drought preparedness and response, access to resources and integration of pastoral systems with market oriented development;
  • Conduct and maintain research on constraints and best practices related to technical area of expertise and contribute to the development of strategic documents in the respective area;
  • Provide technical backstopping to field projects in technical area of expertise;
  • Perform any other related duties as required;