Communication & Public Relations Officer

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Continuously update and implement FAO Balochistan communication strategy (including corporate style, carriers and modes of communication per target category) for AusABBA, based on the generic corporate FAOR Islamabad communication strategy;
  • Develop, share and implement annual work plans for communication with donors and other target audiences, including templates and provide staff training;
  • Be responsible for media coverage, dissemination and follow up activities on a range of events of the FAO Balochistan programmes such as Agriculture Conferences, workshops, farmer’s field days, farmer field schools, wool days and other meetings;
  • Liaise and cooperate with FAOR Islamabad communication staff;
  • Clear all drafts for use on any communication channels with immediate supervisor and Communication Officer in Islamabad
  • Arrange and catalogue photographs from the field and take photographs as and when required.
    Gather success stories from FAO projects and provide drafts with photos to Islamabad office for finalization
  • Pitch material regularly to Communication Officer in Islamabad for FAO Corporate communication channels
  • Train staff for articles/report writing; use of social media including what’s app and upload materials for the FAO corporate website;
  • Communication on AusABBA achievements (including development / writing success stories) for Farmers, Policy makers, Companies, UN agencies, NGOs, Donors (through written, social media, video and other channels etc.);
  • Develop reports, press releases, TV and radio, workshops, movies, monthly bulletins and more to disseminate project achievements in collaboration with subject matter specialists;
  • Support – from a communication point of view – 3 monthly, 6 monthly and annual reporting of the AusABBA, WEE and other programmes as well as the development of training manuals for trainers and farmers;
  • Liaise with communication staff of Government of Balochistan Line Departments and local journalists to cover and disseminate FAO (Balochistan) activities in the provincial and national media;
  • Perform any other duties assigned by Project Management and Islamabad office within the area of technical competence