Within delegated authority and depending on location, the Public Information Officer may be responsible for the following duties:
1) Collaborate with Communication Division to formulate innovative, creative, effective and measurable ways to present UN Environment’s scientific and other environmental development and management information to target audiences including the media.
2) Oversee the development and dissemination, throughout the region, of evidence-based environmental information, and raise public awareness in the region on critical, as well as emerging, environmental issues: – Ensuring the customization and “translation” of scientific and other environmental information from UN Environment so it can be understood and assimilated by stakeholders in the region, whose actions affect the state of the environment, taking into account their different needs, priorities and languages. – Ensuring the strategic dissemination of such environmental information, using regional and national networks and other tools such as events, environmental education and training to increase regional awareness on relevant issues.
3) Collaborate with Communication Division to design regional programmes to increase the capacity of all stakeholders to better access, disseminate and use environmental information for policy and planning processes, including through customized outreach tools and networks.
4) Working across divisions and closely with UN Environment Sub-programme Coordinators and Regional Coordinators for the UN Environment sub-programmes, provide strategic information and advice for, and actively participate in, developing UN Environment’s outreach and information strategies for the different sub-programmes in the region, including the identification of target audiences and strategies for reaching them.
5) Work with the West Asia Office Regional Director to promote deeper collaboration between UN Environment and governments, other UN organizations, scientific and academic institutions and major groups and stakeholders in the region. In particular, develop and maintain networks in the region to partner with UN Environment on, among other things, the generation, use and dissemination of environmental data and information on public platforms and to increase access to information for different types of stakeholders, particularly in the context of environmental decision-making processes.
6) Work with the West Asia Office Regional Director to actively engage the major and specialized media of the region and interest them in reporting on the work of UN Environment and its partners. Produce briefs/texts and quotes to be issued in the name of the UN Environment Executive Direction, the Regional Director and/or other UN Environment Directors, as requested.
7) As appropriate, and in consultation with the Regional Director, act as spokesperson for UN Environment in the region.
8) Perform other related duties, as required.