International Wildlife Specialist

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Tasks and responsibilities
  • Assist in the start-up activities of the project together with Serbian project partners, review of current situation of wildlife management and related sectors. Participate in an introductory meeting with representatives of government and state institutions as well as the National Project Coordinator (NPC), and national consultants involved (activity 1.1).Participate in the discussions at the stakeholder consultation on legislation (activity 1.3)
  • Participate in the discussion with policy makers on recommendations for legal amendments (activity 1.5)
  • Participate, lead discussions and give presentation in the workshop to assess information needs in relation to a future game, hunting and trade management and monitoring system (activity 2.2) and elaborate a proposal for a future game, hunting and trade management and monitoring system (including good practices) with the support of with the International Game Monitoring Consultant (IMC) (activity 2.3)
  • Provide support to the IMC in preparing background material and conducting workshop on good practices for assessing quality of habitats and carrying capacities in relation to specific game species (activity 3.2)
  • Together with the IMC prepare training material and assist in conducting training of staff of national and local authorities, as well as wildlife managers to implement the future game management and monitoring system (activity 2.5) 
  • Prepare and present draft of the National Game Management Programme (NGMP) in the final national seminar (activity 1.6)