Knowledge Management Assistant

The WBG Finance & Accounting (WFA) Vice Presidency is responsible for all aspects of the financial reporting and internal control framework for IBRD, IDA, IFC, and the extensive Trust Fund/Partnership portfolio of these entities. WFA also leads the client service function for the WBG’s corporate expenses and trust funds, and ensures fiduciary responsibility for all disbursements related to Bank operations.

Organizationally, WFA is comprised of four functional areas: (1) Corporate Accounting and Reporting; (2) WFA Trust Funds & Loans; (3) WBG Financial Control; and (4) WBG Finance and Accounting, Chennai. These units report directly to the WBG Controller who heads the WFA Vice Presidency.

The Corporate Reporting and Analysis team (WFACR) is a dynamic team of accounting and finance professionals, which is responsible for all aspects of IBRD and IDA’s financial reporting. This includes: quarterly/annual financial statements and management discussion and analyses, related management reporting, business unit accounting oversight responsibilities, and the monthly closing of IBRD and IDA’s accounting ledgers. The team also handles all aspects of IBRD’s capital accounting function and certain aspects of IDA’s capital accounting function. WFACR’s roles and responsibilities provide team members with a holistic understanding of the financial dynamics of IBRD and IDA, which places the team in a strong position to be able to assess the impact of market and institutional developments on the financial results of the two entities. The team also serves as a liaison with the Bank’s external auditors and the Audit Committee.

The Knowledge Management Assistant will be based in Washington, D. C, and will report to the Division Manager of WFACR.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 3 year term appointment.