Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist (Strategic Program 1)

  • Rome

Monitoring & Evaluation

• Support the SP1 team with the Strategic Programme monitoring and evaluation framework and methodologies, including delivering capacity development as required at HQ, Countries and Regional Offices;
• Provide the SP1 Delivery Teams with guidance and support to enhance SP1 2018 operational monitoring and to validate output and outcome level targets;
• Prepare analyses of progress on the implementation of SP1 work plan and support periodic implementation monitoring of SP1 milestones and identification of issues to address and/or lessons learned;
• Support the corporate led processes for development and implementation of baseline and follow-up assessments for the SP outcomes and outputs and, in consultation with OSP, support the corporate outcome assessment (COA);
• Contribute, as needed, to the M&E of Regional Initiatives;
• Review, advise and propose techniques for the continuous improvement of SP1 monitoring and reporting methodology, as necessary and within corporate policies, drawing from the lessons-learning process;


• Provide support to the SP1 Management Team in the management and coordination of HQ and DO units and external partners involved in SP1;
• Develop analysis and recommendations for enhanced performance of the SP1 using corporate information systems and other sources;
• Support the SP1 Management Team and Core Team meeting processes, including ensuring that internal deadlines are met;
• Liaise with corporate units (ESN, ESA, ESS, AGA, TCI, DPS, OCC) to strengthen contribution to the SP1 work plan;
• Perform other duties as necessary;
• Provide support and coordinate follow up activities under the joint SP1/SP4 work on food systems and urban agenda, and other related cross SP work.