Social Media Internship

  • Bonn

The internship program provides a unique learning opportunity for students and recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds. GLF interns have the opportunity to contribute and gain insights into the work within the forum’s four streams of activities: collaborative platforms and event facilitation, outreach and communications, knowledge hub management and curation and learning lab development.

The five cross-cutting themes that inform the forum’s activities are rights, food and livelihoods, measuring progress on climate and the Sustainable Development Goals, financing sustainable landscapes and restoring landscapes.

The intern will work across these key GLF areas, providing background materials and other input. The intern will assist consultants in communication, coordination and knowledge and with other tasks to maximize the GLF’s effectiveness.

Potential duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Post on GLF social media on a daily basis under the guidance of the Social Media Manager.
  • In collaboration with GLF staff, pitch and generate ideas to promote social media and web engagement.
    Support program activities and administrative tasks.
  • Work with the Digital Content Manager to promote and distribute the content of the GLF and Landscapes News across platishers, long-form social media channels, and other forums.
  • Contribute to facilitation efforts, knowledge curation and the development of the learning lab course and its modules.
  • Work with the on-site Social Media Manager to create and implement campaigns.Assist the GLF team with event planning, communication outreach and the generation of knowledge products.
  • Support the monitoring of activities and reporting on outputs.
  • Carry out research on partner organizations, speakers and others who can add value to GLF activities.