Consultant for GLF Communications Coordinator

As the Global Landscapes Forum evolves into a bigger platform and movement, the consultant will be responsible for implementing the Forum’s communication strategy and outreach campaigns both via traditional media channels and through online digital streams.
Alongside the GLF Digital Strategist and working with other members of the GLF team, the consultant will coordinate and oversee content management of the main website ( and affiliated platforms (YouTube, Flickr), work on targeted media outreach campaigns and contribute to producing editorial content (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.) for the GLF’s media platform Landscapes News.
To this end, the consultant will work closely with relevant staff of GLF’s Communication team, including the web team, video team and the social media team. His/her work time will be divided, as needed, between writing original journalistic content for Landscapes News (field travel may be expected for event coverage), and for producing communications and marketing outreach materials (media advisories, corporate news stories, writing letters to donors and potential GLF partners, content management).
The consultant will need to ensure that all content across GLF’s diverse platforms are up to date, and will play a role in regularly updating and monitoring copy across all its platforms as well as pitching innovative ideas on how to render it more accessible and inviting to the GLF audience. He/she will work closely with the web team to make sure that the news carousels are updated at least once a week, and every day during the lead-up to GLF events.

Digital Strategy Consultant

General Call for Applications – Internship

The internship program provides a unique learning opportunity for students and recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds. GLF interns have the opportunity to work and gain insights into the work within the forum’s four streams of activities: collaborative platforms and event facilitation, outreach and communications, knowledge hub management and curation and learning lab development.
The five cross-cutting themes that inform the forum’s activities are rights, food and livelihoods, measuring progress on climate and the Sustainable Development Goals, financing sustainable landscapes and restoring landscapes.
The intern will work across these key GLF areas, providing background materials and other input. The intern will assist consultants in communication, coordination and knowledge and with other tasks to maximize the GLF’s effectiveness.
Potential duties include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Assist the GLF team with event planning, communication outreach and the generation of knowledge products.
  2. Support the monitoring of activities and reporting on outputs.
  3. Carry out research on partner organizations, speakers and others who can add value to GLF activities.
  4. Promote and distribute the content of the GLF and Landscapes News across platishers, long-form social media channels, and other forums.
  5. In collaboration with GLF staff, pitch and generate ideas to promote social media and web engagement.
  6. Contribute to facilitation efforts, knowledge curation and the development of the learning lab course and its modules.
  7. Support program activities and administrative tasks.

Education, knowledge and experience

• A recent graduate of, a bachelor’s or master’s program in communications, public relations, journalism, social sciences, international development, environmental science or a related discipline.
• A demonstrated interest in and knowledge of issues related to forests, climate, landscapes and sustainable development.
• Excellent English writing and communication skills.
• Proven skills in social media networking.
• Familiarity with micro-blogging, content marketing, platishers, and forums.
• Experience in campaign management, event coordination and facilitation is a plus.

Personal Attributes and Competencies

• Effective time management and the ability to think strategically and find solutions.
• An excellent eye for detail and dedication to quality outputs.
• Good interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to interact effectively with people of different national and cultural backgrounds and to be a collaborative team player.
• A strong interest in using traditional and digital media to communicate complex information to broad audiences, and in gaining skills in communicating science.

Terms and Conditions

• This is an internship opportunity.
• Duration of assignment: 6 months, with possibility of extension.
• CIFOR may provide interns with a monthly stipend or living allowance in accordance with the project document or as agreed with the sponsor. The stipend or living allowance shall follow the rate used by CIFOR’s Human Resources Unit for interns.
• Under the overall guidance of the GLF Communications and Outreach Director, duties may be completed remotely, or from the CIFOR office in Bogor, Indonesia or from the GLF Secretariat in Bonn, Germany.
• This a home-based position but preferably in Bonn, Germany.

Youth in Landscapes Network Intern

The primary objective
of the Youth in Landscapes Network Intern is to facilitate the growth of the
network through community building, promotion and ensuring that programs serve
the broader youth community through working with the GLF Youth Coordinator.

  •  Coordinate
    regularly with the Youth in Landscapes Steering Committee and GLF Youth
  • Assist in
    creating and delivering youth programs at GLF events, primarily the 2-day
    training at GLF Nairobi.
  • Maintain all
    Youth in Landscapes pages on the GLF website.
  • Assist in
    knowledge management and regularly update activities and information of YIL
    partner organizations –  International
    Forestry Students’ Association, Young Professionals for Agricultural
    Development, IFSA, YPARD, GAEA, and others (IAAS, EGEA, GYBN, CSAYN, etc.).
  • Lead
    outreach to associate partners and youth organizations.
  • Facilitate
    engagement and network building on social media (YIL FB groups).
  • Craft
    communications material and regularly promote new opportunities.
  • Undertake
    other key tasks and administration related to young people and GLF as they arise.
  • Promote and
    assist in coordinating youth activities at GLF Nairobi and GLF Bonn, and help
    with related GLF activities.
  • In
    collaboration with GLF staff, pitch and generate ideas for furthering youth
  • Moderate
    social media platforms and newsletter, and maintain website.

Education, knowledge and experience

  • a minimum of three years of BSc completed in international development, natural science, communication or related fields; recent graduates preferred
    • excellent English writing skills
    • experienced with online engagement, youth organizations, capacity development or event-management
    • experienced with WordPress and social media
    • experienced and/or comfortable with remote work.

Personal Attributes and Competencies

  • effective time management capabilities
    • strong organizational and communication skills.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is an internship opportunity for 6 months.
    • CIFOR may provide the Intern with a monthly stipend or living allowance in accordance with the Project Document or as agreed with the Sponsor. The stipend or living allowance provided to the Intern shall follow the rate used by the Human Resources Unit for Interns at CIFOR.
    • The duty station will be in Bonn, Germany.

Application process

The application deadline is 31 Jul-2018
We will acknowledge all applications, but will contact only short-listed candidates.

Chief of Knowledge

The Chief of Knowledge leads one of three principal functions of the GLF secretariat – the other being production of events & news, and building the community of landscapes network. The Chief of Knowledge is responsible for two distinct components of GLF: Knowledge sharing and Learning.  Knowledge sharing implies to engage with research institutions and other institutions and networks that may provide findings and experiences relevant to landscape management and the landscape approach. It also includes leading on knowledge and experience of landscape management in relation to all GLF events.  Learning implies to develop education/training opportunities on different levels and for different age groups that raise awareness and enable the scaling-up of sustainable landscapes based on the GLF vision.