Specialist in Forestry, Plant Production/Protection

Tasks and responsibilities
  • Provide technical and implementation support to FAOSAP projects with emphasis on TCP/TOK/3601, TCP/MIC/3601, TCP/PLW/3602, TCP/MAS/3601, GCP/VAN/001/GFF, GCP/TON/001/GFF,GCP/KIR/010/GFF, TCPTUV/3703;
  • Support the design and implementation of policies, regulatory frameworks and institutional arrangements supportive of inclusive, equitable, effective, and efficient systems;
  • Promote the regular use of knowledge, information and early warning for evidence-based decision making and monitoring
  • Support the development and presentation of information and training materials; the promotion of best practices, capacity development and knowledge sharing;
  • Ensure the timely provision of inputs (i.e. personnel, equipment, supplies)
  • Analyse information, data, statistics, and/or trends for the preparation of plans, strategies, reports, policies and/or other products;
  • Provide technical and operational support for emergency and resilience programmes and strengthen country preparedness and response at all levels;
  • Monitor and provide support to resource mobilization activities, maintain information and prepare related reports
  • Enable producers and vulnerable groups to become agents of change and innovators and to achieve sustainable increases in production and productivity;
  • Support development of baseline survey on forestry and agricultural activities;
  • Empower rural communities and their organizations, and particularly youth, women and vulnerable groups, to access productive resources, services, markets, productive employment and decent work opportunities, social protection systems
  • Provide technical support to the development and implementation of Regional initiatives for SAP;
  • Prepare terminal statements and the completion of projects;