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Can mapping save the tropical forests?

3 Jan 2018

Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) is the biggest source of greenhouse gas (GHGs) emmisions in most tropical countries. Conversion of tropical forests to palm oil, cocoa, coffee and tea plantations, and to soya fields is one of the main driver of climate change and biodiversity loss. 70% of the Brazil GHGs emissions […]

Land under pressure

22 Dec 2017

We stand on it. We stamp on it. We call it dirt. Or worse. We treat this fundamental resource like it is infinite. What we do not realize is that fertile soil, which took hundreds of years to develop, could be washed away with just one heavy downpour. Monique Barbut, Executive Secretary of United Nation […]

Who owns the world’s forests?

22 Dec 2017

You might wonder who is owning most of the world’s forest lands? Well “states” to be sure. To date, more than 70% of forest land is owned by governments and indigenous peoples and communities hold less than 13% of the forests as it was detected by a study from the Rights to Resources Institute (RRI). […]

Avocado: Love hurts

22 Dec 2017

Sustainable production is key as global demand grows

Trust infusion: Developing a software for sustainable landscapes

22 Dec 2017

Developing a software for sustainable landscapes