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From ABC to A-Z?

21 Dec 2017

My friends asked me one question over and over again. Why do I travel to Bonn and attend my third Global Landscapes Forum? Is this not getting boring? It made me think of my reasons, motivation and my why. So does it bore me? 100% no. As a forestry student, land use is an ever-present […]

A day in the life of…

20 Dec 2017

“Mother nature fought back with hurricanes and floods, yet hope’s upon us”… Erik Solheim’s opening statement at the GLF was like the glimpse of a lighthouse on a stormy sea. Public engagement in landscapes is pouring in through the event livestreams as participants gain awareness that we’re all sitting in the same boat. Riding that […]

Why we should be putting on rubber boots instead of draining the swamp

20 Dec 2017

You thought forests were the most important carbon storage? Well, you will be surprised to hear that peatlands are storing twice as much organic carbon – even though they account for only 3 percent of the Earth’s surface. The current trend of draining these swamps should therefore be alarming to all of us. Because additionally […]

C’est Bonn, la challenge

20 Dec 2017

The Bonn Challenge is a global ambition to restore 150 million ha of world’s deforested and degraded land by 2020 and 350 million ha by 2030. World leaders at a ministerial round table in Bonn, Germany, launched it in September 2011. Later it was endorsed and extended by 2030 under the New York Declaration of […]

One day I’ll own a piece of a forest

20 Dec 2017

I might inherit a piece of a Latvian forest one day. It has been in the family for almost a century now. What will I do with it? I don’t know yet, but it sure does sound cool. Last time we checked, forests covered almost 54% of my homeland. We’re people of music but even […]