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Desertification in Iceland?

20 Dec 2017

What comes to your mind when you think about Iceland? “The land of fire and ice”, might a lot of people answer, “Cute puffins, Vikings, the Icelandic horse, more sheep than people?..”. But you would certainly not associate Iceland with forests. While traveling in different landscapes I always try to compare them to each other […]

A puzzle of partnerships joins the #ThinkLandscape movement

20 Dec 2017

Restoration. Trees. People. Agriculture. Land-use. All of these pieces trickle into one puzzle: landscapes, the idea behind the Global Landscapes Forum movement. Although it has found a physical home in Bonn, Germany, thanks to the generous support of the forward-thinking government of Germany, the virtual home or the Global Landscapes Forum is infinite. We all […]

Refining finance for fine forests

19 Dec 2017

“There’s a lot of finance available, but we haven’t been able to drive it down to the communities yet” Louis Wertz (EcoAgriculture Partners) As the GLF Bonn 2017 event opens its doors to participants, five theme pavilions attract visitors for interactive sessions. Clustered around the broad themes of “Development Solutions”, “Restoration”, “Development Solutions”, “Inclusive Landscapes […]