2017 Youth Catalysts Bonn

These young individuals will be at GLF Bonn asking the hard questions, bringing in new philosophies, and accelerating change by keeping an eye on local realities. They come from across the globe and will be facilitating sessions, developing Pavilion agendas, and at the frontline of enhancing the GLF experience.

tropical deforestation statistics - Food & livelihoods

GLF Youth Catalyst Application #6 – Tamanna Rahman (Bangladesh)

29 Nov 2017

Tamanna Rahman, Age 26, Bangladesh Program of Study: Regional Development Planning and Management “Bangladesh, owing to its majestic rivers and coastlines, lush forests and mangroves, is one of the unique landscapes in South Asia. However, in recent years, the ever-increasing developmental activities is rapidly changing the physical and economic landscapes of the country; taking its […]

GLF Youth Catalyst Application #5 – Quinten Pellegrom (Netherlands)

29 Nov 2017

Quinten Pellegrom, Age 23, Netherlands Program of Study: Forest and Nature Conservation, Wageningen University “I am greatly excited at the thought of participating at the GLF in Bonn upcoming December! I specialize in Human-Nature Conflicts and how we should shape sustainable development to attain a symbiotic state of living with our environment. The constant decision […]

GLF Youth Catalyst Application #4 – Durodola Blessing (Nigeria)

29 Nov 2017

Durodola Blessing, Age 24, Nigeria Program of Study: Tropical and International Forestry “Forest destruction is a great threat to the survival of plants, animals and humans which makes protecting and restoring the tropical forest crucial. There is a saying that “the day the last tree dies, the day the last man dies”. Man’s survival is […]

GLF Youth Catalyst Application #3 – Kirwa Annita Jepchirchir (Kenya)

29 Nov 2017

Kirwa Annita Jepchirchir, Age 25, Kenya  Program of Study: Environmental Risk and Human Security “Have you ever gone out to try and get fresh air only to remember, it is too hot and so unwelcoming too? The only option remains getting back to the house, turning on the fan and lying on an uncomfortable couch. […]

GLF Youth Catalyst Application #2 – Lilian Daphine Lunyolo (Uganda)

29 Nov 2017

Lilian Daphine Lunyolo, Age 23, Uganda Program of Study: Integrated Water Resources Management “I hail from a country that was once declared the Pearl of Africa. A naturally endowed country with many water sources, very good weather, accessible landscape to mention but a few. Unfortunately, our green cover is rapidly decreasing every year that goes […]