2017 Youth Catalysts Bonn

These young individuals will be at GLF Bonn asking the hard questions, bringing in new philosophies, and accelerating change by keeping an eye on local realities. They come from across the globe and will be facilitating sessions, developing Pavilion agendas, and at the frontline of enhancing the GLF experience.

GLF Youth Catalyst Application #1 – Patrick Mauritz Diaz (Indonesia)

29 Nov 2017

Patrick Mauritz Diaz, Age 29, Indonesia  Program of Study: Tropical Forestry “I witnessed major conflicts between stakeholders in Indonesia caused by ongoing land-use change. In August 2015, Jambi’s nomadic indigenous tribe ‘Suku Anak Dalam’ in Bukit 12 National Park had to leave the forest due to the thick and toxic haze caused by massive forest […]