Youth at Bonn 2017

GLF Youth Ambassador Program – Application #1: Andrea Catalina Fajardo (Colombia)

17 Nov 2017

The reason that man’s improved techniques seem to be necessary is that the natural balance has been so badly upset beforehand by those same techniques that the land has become dependent on them. Masanobu Fukuoka I am Andrea Catalina Fajardo and I am an international citizen even though I must get a visa to almost every […]

GLF Youth Ambassador Program – Application #0: John Karima (Tanzania)

14 Nov 2017

***This is a sample post, as an example how to submit applications to the GLF Youth Ambassador program at the Global Landscapes Forum My name is John Karima and I am passionate about the future of agriculture in Africa, and how youth are really the future for our continent. I grew up on the farm […]